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Students have full choice in selecting their placement. The Internship Coordinator will assist students in understanding the scope of activities in each site and help them choose the best placement option. Students spend 3 1/2 days a week in field work and are supervised by agency staff. The internship coordinator in consultation with the agency staff evaluates student' performance. Students chronicle their internship experiences through regular journal entries.

Below are a sample of potential internship sites. This is not an exhaustive list. We encourage students interested in learning more about the program and potential internship placements to reach out to us at To gain a student's perspective, we encourage you to read "UConn Intern to Aid CTUCC in Justice Work" written by Grace O'Connor ('19).

Potential Internship Sites Opportunities

Click on the agency logos below to view their websites:

Aids CT Website


Center for Children's Advocacy Website


Center for Leadership & Justice Website

City of Hartford Office of Community Engagement Website

City of Hartford,

Office of Community Engagement

City of Hartford - Families, Children, Youth and Recreation Website

City of Hartford,

Dept. of Families, Children, Youth & Recreation,

City of Hartford Office of Sustainability LogoCity of Hartford, 

Office of Sustainability


City of Hartford Website

City of Hartford

(Various Departments)

CT Afterschool Network Website

CT Community for Addiction Recovery Website

Hands on Hartford Website

Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective Website


Hartford Consortium for Higher Education Website

Hartford Food System Website

Hartford Public Library Website

Teen Program Hartford Public Library Website

Hartford History Center Website

Hartford Symphony Orchestra Website

Housing and Urban Development Website

Innovation Destination Hartford Website


Institute for Community Research Website

Metro Hartford Alliance Website


NARAL Website


Our Piece of the Pie Website

Peace Center Website 


Re Center Website Race & Equality in Education


reSET Website

Riverfront Recapture Website


Sierra Club Website


Social Security Administration Website

True Colors Website


Southern New England Church of Christ Agency Logo and Website